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Release Notes 184 October 2019

Release 184 – October 15,  2019

KPI Fire is proud to announce the following features and enhancements:

  • New Team Engagement Report
  • New My Projects Page
  • Improved Daily Updates Page
  • Improved control over daily updates email notifications.
    • The  default  value for  notification  email  will  be  Weekly(Mondays)  at  9am  EST.
  • Changed Features: The setup of individual notifications is going away. This is being replaced by a set of standard notifications.  Most notifications will be created in-app, some notifications can also be emailed immediately.
    • In App Notifications
      • You have been added to a project
      • You have been assigned as the owner of a task.
      • A task requires your approval.
      • The task approval request you send has been approved.
      • The task approval you requested has been rejected.
      • You have been added to a goal.
      • Your project has changed status from Idea -> Active.
      • You were mentioned in a task comment.
    • Notify Immediately via email (Optional)
      • Task assigned
      • Task approval requested
      • Task approval approved/rejected
      • You are mentioned in a Task Comment.


  • New Task Detail page with New @Mention feature in Task Comments.  Use the “@” and the users name to mention them in a comment and a notification will be sent to their email.
  • Various small adjustments to user interface
    • arrow size in project sub tasks
    • project status report box expand
  • Infinite scroll on Project List view.
  • Zapier: no longer requires Actual field to bring over other target columns.
  • Metric Tile View:  Auto-refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Removed the notice that your workflow has been changed.

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