License Types & Departments in KPI Fire

In KPI Fire, each user will be assigned a User License Type and a Department. This blog post describes the primary user license types in KPI Fire.

Admin users can view/update License Types and Departments.

How Users See the Menu:

Admin, Executive, and Strategy users:

Project User & Team Member users:

Idea users:

View Only License Type users:

License Types:

The Department refers to the department that the user is assigned to.  Some license types may have access limited to their own department.

Each license type is listed on a single row. The columns headers refer to the area of the software system. The intersection describes the type of access that the user license type has for the feature.

Other Types:

Read/Write Own Dept: The user can read and write all data input in this area and assigned to their department or below.
No Access: The user does not have access to this feature.

Bonus Tip:

Did you know that KPI Fire now allows you to control the domains of users that are added to the system?

  • Use the Invite Settings tab to Enable “Allow users to invite other users to KPI Fire”.
  • This feature can be enabled with no domain restriction, or you can supply a list of allowed domains.