Setting up Single Sign On with Azure Active Directory

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Setting up Single Sign On with Azure Active Directory

How to Configure KPI Fire SAML Option using Office 365 & Azure Active Directory

Setting up Single Sign on with SAML will allow you and the other users in your organization to access your KPI Fire account without requiring an additional login credentials.  The access will be controlled by your existing Azure (or similar) Active Directory.

Note: There may be other ways to configure SAML with KPI Fire, this is just one example. 

Helpful resource from Microsoft:


  1. A account with an Admin License.
  2. Azure Active Directory access for setting up a new Enterprise Application. ( )

This setup requires 2 parts;  Part 1 is configuring your Active Directory and Part 2 is configuring  the KPI Fire settings.

In Azure Active Directory

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Applications in “Manage” menu.

2. Add New, Non-Gallery Application.

Name the application:  KPI Fire, then click Add.

3. Select Single Sign On

4. Follow Setup steps 1-5 in Azure.  Some of this information will be configured in Azure, and some in  KPI Fire, so make sure you are logged in to your KPI Fire account with Admin Access.  Navigate to Settings>>Single Sign On

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Step 4. In Azure. Setup Users & Groups.  This will allow your Azure users to access this new application you added.

Once the application is added for the users, they should be able to locate it in the waffle menu in Outlook 365.

A few final thoughts:

  1. As of Jan 28, 2020,  this Single Sign On option requires that all user accounts be manually created in KPI Fire.  That might change in the future, but for now plan on manually creating them.  You can upload a file to create them all at one time.
  2. In my testing on this, I did notice that some of the time when clicking on the app in Office 365, that there would be an “internal server error” returned.  If I clicked again, it seemed to log me in.

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