Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release August 3, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

Send email to assigned task user

  • Within the project go to Tasks
    • Assign task to the Owner
      • Click Notify at the top of the list

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Release Date 8/3/2022
    • Improved priority change pop-up to clarify notification options
    • Improved log file entries
    • Added file preview for uploaded files on project tiles tab
    • API Improvements:
      • Small fix to improve API performance
      • Added new API for project & goal status reports
    • Fixed Issues:
      • Formatting in task notes
      • Weekly metrics displaying wrong quarter on initial load
      • Drop downs on external idea input on some mobile devices