How to Link a Task to Metric

Stay accountable to your metric data by creating actionable tasks for any single record of a metric.

Steps to creating a task linked to a metric:

1. Start with a Metric

  • Open a metric.
  • Navigate to the data tab.
  • In Configure Metric settings, select the box to display the Task Column in the data table.

2. Create a New Task

  • In the Task column of the table, hover over any cell and “+ Add Task” will show.
  • Click on “+ Add Task” to open the new task modal.
  • In the new task modal,
    • Use the default metric name or replace the text.
      • “Metric: [Metric name], Date: [date (formatted as in first column of data table)], [column 3 header][col 3 value], Actual: [actual value], Status (of that row): [red/yellow/green]”
    • Select a Project and Group.
    • Press “Add Task”
  • New task # will display in the data cell with the status of that task.
  • Click on the linked task # to navigate to the Project Tasks view and review the task.

3. Manage the Task

  • Edit and update the new task same as any other task.
  • Open the task details modal via “Edit Task.”
  • In the task details modal, select the section “Linked Metrics” to display the metric that task is linked to.
  • Click on the metric to open the metric from the task details modal.
  • To delete the task from a metric, delete the task from the Project Tasks view.

4. Update the Metric

  • In the Task column of metric data table, the status of the linked task will automatically update when the task is updated in its project.

Extra Notes

  • Note: Linked tasks can be removed by deleting the task from inside its project.
  • Note: If the metric input frequency is changed, the linked tasks will be deleted from the metric.
  • Note: If the view type is different than the input frequency, the Task column will be hidden from the data table.